Eric Horgan

Winter Training Program

Aiken, South Carolina

January 30- March 10, 2017


Eric invites you to join him in Aiken for the 2017 winter season.  He will again be working out of Jumping Branch Farm, home of Julie Zapapas.  Jumping Branch offers stabling and turnout for your horse, in addition to  dressage arenas, a stadium field, a full cross country course with jumps from elementary through preliminary and a galloping track with all-weather footing.  Riders may opt to stable at Jumping Branch or haul in for lessons with Eric.

Eric offers several approaches to the instructional program.  The rider development program will continue to be the centerpiece, but a more traditional lesson program is also available.   Whichever you choose, the purpose is still to present a training opportunity that promotes individual horse/rider performance based on achieving the goals set by you, that are specific to you and your horse’s needs.  The structure is designed to make the program flexible and accommodating to the riders.

Please read the following for the specifics.  If you have additional questions, email Carol at  or call her at 207. 841.3032.  If you want to stable at Jumping Branch, contact Julie directly at


OPTION 1 – Rider Development Program

The Rider Development program is an all-inclusive, goal-oriented program that is structured around each horse/rider’s individual target.  Training sessions are a combination of individual and small group instruction.   Riders are assisted to develop personal goals suited to the needs of the rider/horse combination.   From these goals, a training plan for each rider is developed. 

§  The program begins with an assessment of the horse/rider combination.  Each rider is assisted in identifying strong and weak points that need to be incorporated into personal goals.  A ‘best practice’ warm-up model, as well as alternatives to that model, will be established as part of this assessment.

§  Once goals have been established, riders work according to their individual plan.   Riders work either individually or in small compatible groups.  Eric gives individual attention to each rider within these groups.  Using personal goals, and/or upcoming competitions, riders are assisted in the process of assessing their progress and modifying goals as necessary.  

§  Riders are assisted to evaluate progress.   Eric spends the last rides helping riders review individual goals and discussing progress and problem areas.  Eric uses video-taping 2-3 times a week plus the rider’s personal log to assist each rider to create a longer term personal plan to maintain progress.  

§  Riders may opt for a full-time or half time option.  Full-time is an all-inclusive cost of $2500 for instruction.   This includes a 5-day a week lesson program February 1 – March 11, a digital chip for your video footage, and one session per week with Eric to review video footage and logs.  Half-time is 2 – 3 ride days per week (15 riding days) for a cost of $1300 inclusive.  (These costs assume that you are stabling at Jumping Branch Farm.  If you are stabling elsewhere and shipping in for instruction, contact Carol. )

§  If riders wish to compete during this time, Eric will assist you to develop a warm-up routine, walk cross country courses and generally prepare for the competition.


OPTION 2 – Instruction by the Lesson

Riders may opt to ride on a cost per lesson basis.  There are several options available depending on the number of times and the type of lesson.  These prices do not reflect any additional fees charged by Jumping Branch for ship-in clients.  If you are stabled at Jumping Branch, you have access to all of the farm’s facilities; if you are shipping in the additional cost is $15 for use of the stadium course or $40 for cross-country schooling.


q  By the Day.  Each instructional session is $125 for a private session, $85 for a semi-private or $65 for a group of 3.  We cannot guarantee that a compatible group can be organized, but will do our best.

q  By the Block.    Eric will offer riders a reduced-cost option to the daily rate with pre-paid, prior commitment:  $500 for a block of 5 sessions, $950 for a block of 10 sessions, or $1400 for a block of 15.   In order to manage the schedule, riders will need to commit to some regularity for this option.  A block price option will be offered if a compatible semi-private or group can be organized.  The horse/rider combinations would have to remain the same for the duration of the block.



Stabling at Jumping Branch is on a first come/first served basis, and needs to be arranged directly with Julie.  She is attempting to save stalls for Eric’s clients, but can’t guarantee accommodations.  If you want to stable there, contact Julie at or call her at 803-642-3484.  Tell her you are with Eric.  The cost is $450/stall/month.  This includes bedding for 12x12 matted stalls, turnout for each horse to have at least 1/2 day turnout (and possibly more as her census goes up and down), and full use of the facilities: x-c course, galloping track, dressage arenas, and stadium jump arena. 


Personal housing is not included in Eric’s program.  We will be happy to provide you with contacts in the area for rental options.  Also, Jumping Branch does offer camper hook-ups on site.


Dogs are welcome at Jumping Branch, although Julie says she has a 'one strike and you're out' rule...meaning that as long as your dog gets along with the resident and neighbor dogs and all other guest dogs (and people) there are no restrictions.   As soon as there is a problem, your dog goes on a rope (or whatever you want to do to manage him/her). 


Please download the application, complete it and send it to Carol Lenna, 323 Hopeland Farm Dr., Aiken, SC 29803.   Or, contact Carol and let her know of your interest.  We look forward to having you join us this year.