USEA Instructor's Certification Program

The United States Eventing Association conducted the first Instructors' Certification Program workshops for Levels I & II candidate instructors and candidate faculty members in 2002.  Eric and Karen O’Connor conducted the teaching of Dressage (3 days) and the teaching of Jumping (3 days) in Virginia in November.  Sixteen candidate instructors from across the U.S. and ten faculty candidates attended the sessions.

Eric has served on the USEA committee to develop the ICP since its inception in 2000 and led the dressage workshop, while Karen O'Connor led the jumping workshop.  Karen has co-chaired the ICP committee, with Sue Hershey, from its outset.

Interested candidates may apply for participation in the Instructors’ Certification Program with the USEA.  Registrations will be accepted continuously and will be handled on a 'first-come, first-served basis for each workshop offered.

Information about the program, as well as the latest schedule of workshops and assessments is available on the USEA website,  For further information, please contact Nancy Myers, Liaison for Instructors' Certification Program, at the U.S. Eventing Association at (703) 779-0440, Ext. 3015, or via email: